The Crop Diagnostic School has been running since 1996 and is designed to provide a comprehensive hands-on approach to learning experience to refine the diagnostic skills of agronomists and producers involved in field scouting and assessing crop health.

This event is organized by Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development (MB ARD) and the University of Manitoba (U of M).

CCA Credit will be offered in areas of Nutrient Management, Soil and Water Management, Integrated Pest Management and Crop Management.

Certified Crop Science Consultant (CCSC) CEU are also offered.

In 2020, Crop Diagnostic School will be offered as a virtual learning experience.

The Crop Diagnostic School typically runs for two weeks in July, but due to these unique circumstances, the virtual school is open from July 7th to August 7th, 2020 for participation.

Crop Diagnostic virtual School will provide short, focused video clips on typical crop, pest and nutrient issues in the field as well as ‘what not to do’ when it comes to pest management and soil management.

These videos are the normal lessons that you would have received in the ‘live’ school. For Instructor – participant interaction, an online discussion board for each subject has been set up where questions and pictures can be shared to determine diagnosis and solutions. The discussion board is monitored daily by the instructor.

A live web/teleconference is offered once per week in each focus area to have interactive discussions with the specialists and dig deeper into your diagnostic questions!

Registration costs for 2020 Crop Diagnostic School at $100/ participant early bird rate to June 26, 2020 and $125/participant from June 27th to August 5th, 2020.

Once registration and payment is received, participants will be provided with their log-in details to access the virtual platform and an invoice.

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